Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anna Visits

My mom joked that if Colin had been born 2nd we would have had it made. He LOVES playing with children, especially older ones. I'm not sure if this stems from his 2 older nieces and 2 older aunts (yes, Wes has younger sisters) or if he's just mature for his age - ha, I'm going with the first one! So when we told him Papaw, Ver Ver, and Anna were coming for a visit, his eyes lit up with excitement.

He had already gone to bed Friday night before they got there but boy howdy, he made up for lost time Saturday morning! I'm not sure who was happier, Anna getting to be the older, motherly figure, or Colin who got to have someone his own size to play with. They played, she read to him, she carried him, she mothered him, all the while he just followed closely behind. As the nursery rhyme goes, everywhere that Anna went, Colin was sure to go. Needless to say, he was worn out by the time nap time came around. They left about noon and Colin was past the point of exhaustion. His nap suffered but he'll catch back up...eventually.

Anna gladly posed for some pictures while she read Colin a book. She seriously is better than most teenage babysitters and she's only 7. She has such a kind heart and is always trying to help others. Thanks, Anna, for giving Bubby and Danielle a little break on Saturday!

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  1. What a fun time for both...and great memories!!
    kari & kijsa