Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Little Butterball!

I am thankful every day that Colin is such a good eater! I was a picky eater as a child and can only imagine the frustration my mom faced on a daily basis. The few times Colin has been recovering from stomach issues and won't eat, I have gotten to experience the agony parents of picky eaters must face on a daily basis and I'm not a fan! Wes and I have little patience for the curled up nose, tight lips, and other forms of refusal. I have a feeling we better get ready because if and when we have another rugrat, I'm not so sure we'll get this lucky twice! I guess this is our reward for having dealt with colic and sleep issues. We all have our issues and we all manage to survive.
To give you an example of my Hogatha (I just Googled that name to see how to spell it and found that I've been using the name in the wrong context for quite some time. I thought the "hog" part of the name referred to something large. Nope, it was a witch on the Smurfs, who used her magic to lure unsuspecting suitors. She is large but that clearly wasn't her claim to fame.), I would like to share what Colin ate for dinner Saturday night. We went to Tony Roma's and because I feared a long wait time, I packed a tangerine that I had cut into pieces. Despite my efforts to hide the bag, he spotted it soon after we were seated and immediately wanted some. I tried to space them out but if food is involved, Colin has no patience and wants it all NOW. Then our waitress brought us bread. Of course they have to have it some fancy, eye-catching gadget that Colin spotted immediately! Then the grunting and finger pointing switched from the oranges to the bread. I broke off the smallest pieces I could, as it seemed we were going to have to wait a while for our food. After eating the ENTIRE orange and nearly half the bread, our food arrived. I had ordered him a cheeseburger and steamed broccoli (yes, my child eats anything!). I cut the burger in half thinking that's all he needed or would want. Well after eating the entire half and over half the broccoli, he was grabbing for more. Although Wes and I have never said a word about the "Clean Plate Club", Colin somehow knows about it and feels he needs to clean his plate at all costs. As long as there's food on his plate, he still wants more. I asked our waitress to bring us a to-go box so I could hide the food and get it off his mind. In waiting for the box, I had to cut the remaining half of the burger and give him another slice it. His belly was tight as a drum, it protruded like an old man with dun-lapse disease, but he was content. I feared that he would need to expel some of the excess before the night was over but instead, it just made for a good night's rest! I share with you a few pictures demonstrating his ever-expanding gut.

If you could only see these pj's in person! They are skin tight and really accentuate the belly. Nice!
The side profile!

Further evidence that my child will eat anything, yes, that is a golf ball in his mouth!

Up close view of the golf ball. I sure hope he doesn't get lockjaw!

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