Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic Day

Wow, I'm so proud to be an American today! Not that I'm not proud everyday but today commemorates one of the biggest milestones in our Nation's history. Today Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, being the first African-American to be elected as our country's leader. I wasn't sure I'd ever see this in my lifetime, let alone when I was 31 years young! I'm so proud of the citizens of the United States of America that we could look past the divides in ethnicity in order to elect the best person for the job. Despite any religious, ethnic, or political differences, we as a nation have come together in unity to welcome our new President. I have the utmost respect and confidence in this man, as he has no small task in his hands. Our country is faltering in so many aspects and to take over as leader of these problems is not for the faint at heart. Obama is full of vigor, determination, and has the intelligence needed to lead our country back on a level playing ground. I'm so excited to see the changes he'll bring forth as he embarks on this 4-year journey!

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  1. I echo your sentiments Dana! It was certainly an awesome moment in history, and I hope that all Americans can realize the significance of the moment, despite party lines. Our country is facing so many challenges right now, but I am filled with a renewed hope and determination!