Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bear Cub

You might know him better as Jodie Meeks, but to me he's been Bear Cub ever since he came to UK. I have this thing where I pick out players I like before the season ever begins, based on their looks, like-ability factor, and their drive - no, not too much emphasis is placed on raw talent in my selection process, although it is a bonus! I also have a tendency to nickname said favorites from time to time. Jodie was chosen as a favorite when he came to UK three years ago because he's cute as a button, seems so innocent, is so eager to learn and take direction, and is a real go-getter! When he was hurt last season and had to sit out most of the year, I could just see the look of frustration on his face. He wanted to be out there so badly. Well boy howdy how a year can change things! He's on FIRE this year. In case you missed last night's game (and it was a blessing in disguise that Colin kept me up for 2 hours coughing so I didn't miss it), Jodie broke all kinds of records - the most 3-pointers in a single game (UK's record), the most points scored by any player in TN's gym, and the most impressive, he scored a school-record 54 points! He also went a perfect 14-14 from the stripe. I just couldn't be more proud of my little bear cub! He deserves every accolade he receives and will hold a special place in my heart along with the likes of Ravi Moss (I'm so sorry I forgot you initially, you're still in my heart and I still love you!), Chuck Hayes, Erik Daniels, Gerald Fitch, Derrick Anderson, and the list goes on. Congratulations Jodie!!

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  1. All of my favorites too. I love Jodie- he is adorable and was so humble last night when he was interviewed. Can't forget Ravi Moss on my list of favs, too. And Jeff Shep, and Heshimu Evans, and...and..and..