Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walk a day in his shoes

He looks so grown up! Colin has had these shoes since last Christmas, when his uncle Kevin gave them to him as a gift. He knew they'd be big for a while and luckily, I actually remembered that they were tucked back in the closet. This time last year, Colin hated anything on his feet. We had to use all sleeper pj's because he refused to keep socks on his feet and he ate any simulation of shoes that we attempted. Since the weather has been slightly cooler as of late, we've been doing the sock thing again. Thus far he has been in favor of the socks, so we thought we'd press our luck and try the shoes. Success! He sat there and let Wes put them on and even clapped once one was tied. He stood up and immediately started walking. Now that was quickly followed by sitting and crying, but who knows what that was actually related to. He looked like such a big boy, I had to get a picture of him in his big boy shoes. Perhaps this will now allow him to actually walk outside in the grass, a previously off-limits activity!

(Please notice in the picture above that it appears he is posing for the picture, with his knee slightly bent and his foot pointed down.)

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