Monday, October 13, 2008

Personality Plus

I'll be the first to admit there have been days during this first year plus of Colin's life that I have wondered what I(we) got myself into. Thankfully, those days are few and far between but still exist nonetheless. I think what makes those days particularly trying is the lack of communication between infant and parent. If he could have only told me why he was crying uncontrollably for an hour, why he woke up crying in the middle of the night, what would make him happy, etc, etc. Ah, all those ifs are what help us as parents develop patience (some more than others). Those are the trying times that make us appreciate the good times. They make us stronger, better parents - at least that's what I've told myself to help me get through these times.

It is funny how quickly you forget things or how quickly things get pushed to the back corners of your brain. I was reading my friend's blog today and was reminded of so many milestones that happened less than a year ago with Colin. Things that at the time I thought I'd never forget. Well I haven't forgotten them but they've been pushed to the side for the current discoveries. While I'll never forget the past, I do wish I could remember it better. I guess I'd have to pack up some of the useless tabloid gossip or recipes I've got stored up there!!

I say all this because those trying times are changing. Don't get me wrong, my patience is still tried but under different circumstances. Now Colin is able to give better indications why he's crying, what he wants, or what makes him happy. He's developing a personality! This has to be one of the funnest times in childhood. He's still innocent enough to love his Mommy and Daddy, yet he loves to explore on his own as well. Now that he's walking more, he's really into exploration and discovery. He has certain expressions he gives for disapproval. At first it was shaking his head. Now he's moved past that to furling his eyebrows, tilting his head down, and looking up at us out of the tops of his eyes - all as if to say, "Are you crazy?" He understands A LOT of what we tell him - probably more than we give him credit for. He has this series of alphabet books that he absolutely adores. On any given day, those books are read to him at least 2 times. He has already started to memorize them and points to different things around the house and outside before we can even say the word. He has also started making the various animal noises that correspond to the pictures (horses and elephants are his current favorites).

Although he's not talking much, his vocabulary is definitely expanding. He still adamantly points and grunts at things until he gets what he wants. We do have to differentiate between the "I want that" grunt and the "What is that" grunt. We're learning everyday too!

His palate is also becoming more refined. If you've read about Colin's eating habits before, you know he's not shy when it comes to food and trying new things. Nothing surprises me anymore that he'll eat. I am surprised sometimes at how much he enjoys certain things. Last week he tore up some salmon. Yes, fresh salmon! Last night he woofed down seafood quiche. I can just see the future and him eating us out of house and home! I guess I should get a head start looking for economical recipes! We are so thankful that he's such a good eater though.

I look forward to going home to him everyday. There's nothing like the smile on his face when he sees Mommy or Daddy walk through the door. He loves nothing more than to open the door for us and wave hello. What a wonderful welcome home! I know the day is coming when he'll run and hide when he hears us, but for now I'm enjoying every minute of it!

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