Monday, August 18, 2008

Soup and Sandwich Glammed Up

If you've been following my posts, you recall my recent tale of Wes and his love of corn. I must revise the story from him eating 12 ears to a mere 5! To catch you up, a) Wes loves corn and b) he once at 5 ears at one time, not nearly as impressive as my original post where I said he ate a dozen. Not only does he love corn, he apparently loves me! He loves me enough to help me prepare dinner on the days that he stays home with Colin. What a guy! So last week his special dish was Summer Corn Soup. Hands off ladies, he's mine, all mine! The soup was quite tasty but we both agreed it needed a little umph. We omitted the bacon topping and that might have been just what it needed. It needed some salt or something else to kick it up a notch. Nonetheless, I didn't have to make it so it was delicious to me! I made the foccacia sandwiches to go with it - mine was grilled veggies and Wes had pastrami. What a tasty dinner.

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