Friday, August 1, 2008

Only a Matter of Time

As this picture alludes, it's only a matter of time before Colin is hands-free and walking everywhere on his own! When I came home from work yesterday, Wes and Colin were anxious to show me the new trick Daddy had taught Colin. It is reassuring when I come home to a new trick because it gives me some peace of mind that Colin isn't being left along all day to fend for himself. I realize the day will come, probably sooner than I'd like, when the tricks won't be things I'm proud of, i.e. burping on command, making "lemonade" in the snow, and other boy things that I'm not familiar with. In the meantime, the tricks are cute and fun. The trick of the day was walking while only holding 1 hand, instead of both! As you can see, Colin seems quite pleased with himself, as were we.

I had to include these 2 pictures as well to show off his blankie! This has become his security and he can't go far without it. He likes to suck his thumb while holding the corner of the blankie with the rest of that hand. I probably should see if Target still makes these to have as a backup but I somehow think he'll know the difference!

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