Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Splish Splash!

Move over Michael Phelps, there's a new olympic swimmer in the making. And by in the making, I mean Colin has put swim trunks on! Ok so it's a slow start but we have been attending swim lessons at the YMCA. It was supposed to be an 8-week series that was to get the children/babies acclimated to the water. Despite the fact we have missed half the classes, I suppose it has been somewhat useful. We have successfully dunked Colin multiple times - some more successfully than others, i.e. the time he drank a gallon of water and proceeded to cry the remainder of the class. I think the time of the class has something to do with his responsiveness, or lack thereof. We've been going on Saturday morning at 9am. This is the time of morning that Colin is usually tired from waking up too early but refuses to nap until 10ish. So by the time the lesson is over, he is exhausted and is on the verge of a meltdown, that is if he hasn't already had one. I do think the lessons have done as they were intended to do - introduce him to the water. Here are a few shots when Daddy got in with him. Yes it was planned that way that I "remembered" the camera the day that Wes got in with him and not all the other times that I've been the one in the water!
Today's lesson was learning to get out of the pool. I'm not sure what the importance of this is but Colin didn't care for it until I came over to the edge. Then he thought that meant it was time to get out - not a good scene.

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  1. I think little Colin will make a fine swimmer one day.
    Maybe he'll even be in the olympics.

    I'm thinking about the orange cake. When's her birthday?
    I actually think I'd prefer making something banana. I really don't like orange that much. But it's not my b-day, so why should that matter?