Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Sunday was my Mom's birthday! I asked her where she would like to go for dinner and she said, "Does it have to be somewhere out because my first preference would be for you to cook?" So of course I obliged and thus the cookout. For her cake, she suggested something along the lines of an orange dreamsicle. I had no idea that orange cakes required so many eggs but every one I came across had at least 5! The one I tried was from Southern Living, and while it was good, I prefer my cake layers to be light and moist and these were more spongy and dry. The filling and icing more than made up for the cake though. Here's the link to the recipe again (Orange Chiffon Cake with Orange Icebox Pie Filling), as well as some pictures of my Mom opening her gifts (the up close and personal one is one that Elise took!).

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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  1. Well, I thought it sounded like a good idea. An orange chiffon cake sounds so elegant!
    I'm sorry it wasn't great. I really had trouble thinking of something.

    Happy Birthday MOM!