Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can see clearly now...

my hair is gone. Don't get too worried, the curls are still pretty much in tact. Although the "what a cute girl" comments get a little annoying, I'm not ready for my cute little boy to transform into a handsome young gentleman. With him currently learning to stand and walk, I have to hang on to some baby trait for as long as possible. But when his hair had reached his eyes and was getting caught in his long eyelashes, I knew it was time to take action. I didn't want my child to be blinded because of my selfish ways, plus Wes had finally given me approval to give it a little trim myself. I wouldn't call this his first big-boy haircut because number one, I did it, and number two, I didn't cut it all over.

After his bath on Tuesday night, I get my sewing scissors because they are the sharpest and I don't want to give him split ends (what a thoughtful mother, I know). As Wes is drying him off and putting his clothes and diaper on, he asks if I wanted to try to cut it. Um yes, were the scissors your first clue?! Apparently he was oblivious to me leaving the room and returning with the scissors in hand but that's not what this story is about. Wes sees the scissors and was like, "you're using THOSE?" Not knowing what he had in mind, I said yes. He informed me that he thought I was going to use my little makeup scissors! Yes, the ones that are approximately 4 inches long with the scissor part being less than 1 inch. Sure, I'll cut it hair by hair and I'm sure he'll lay perfectly still and allow it. I'm not sure what he thought would happen with those scissors, would Colin run through the house with them? Oh wait, he can't walk. Was he afraid I'd cut his arm off? Oh wait, they're not sharp enough and I am a grown woman. Perhaps he was just afraid I'd poke his eyes out or he'd turn suddenly and I'd accidentally cut something I shouldn't. Seriously, I do appreciate his cautious nature, really I do. Back to the main event, I comb his bangs up like I've watched my beautician do for years (Man this brought back some memories of me giving my Barbie's a "professional" haircut!) and snip them off at an angle so as to not create a straight line of hair across his forehead. Colin, I know you're too young to appreciate this but trust me son, you will thank me one day! There's a reason Jim Carrey made fun of this haircut in Dumb and Dumber and I didn't want to subject you to such torture. I then moved to the sideburns that, when combed straight down came all the way down below his chin! These were also the ones that curled up right above his ears, creating those adorable wispy curls. I didn't want to get carried away so I only cut about 1/2 inch. It was hard but I did it. It wasn't as traumatic as I feared but it was still a little sad. After I was finished I combed it and he looked 5 years older. What had I done? After he slept on it it looked much better the next day and I was ready to quit my job and become a hair stylist. I trimmed a little more last night off the sides and hopefully that will last for a while.

Wes asked if I was going to save the hair? Am I addicted to reality tv? Of course I'm going to save the hair! Let's just hope he doesn't see that white envelope and throw it away. I probably should move that tonight!!


  1. Where's a picture of your artistry?!


  2. Yes! I want a picture too!

  3. I know, I should have posted one of my first customer as well as the aftermath of the clippings. I'll work on it!