Thursday, May 1, 2008

Made for Movies

Mark my word, one day this child will be on television in some fashion. She says the funniest things, while maintaining a straight face. One of her recent tales that I find particularly hilarious was on her way to preschool this week. She told my mom, "Don't tell Mommy but if you see a white cup on the side of the road, it might have a bomb in it." Now she was quite serious about this and so my mom, holding back her laughter, said, "Ok, I won't tell Mommy." Now please tell me where in the world she pulled this one from? Colin enjoys the ride with Elise too because she is constantly educating him. She has taught him to tie his shoe, how to fix his hair, and how to dress. The day she taught him to tie his shoe, she asked him if he knew how to tie a shoe. Of course he just looked at her, to which she replied, "You just loop this one, then this one..." She looked up at him to make sure he was listening and then said, "Oh Colin, it's not hard, there's not going to be a test or anything!" Duh Colin, how could you even think such a thing?!

Last weekend was her preschool play. The theme was around the world and she was an islander of some sort - which was perfect for her since she LOVES her bathing suit. Since I wasn't able to capture her actions, I'll try to describe them. The song was something like, "north, south, east, west" and they did arm movements pointing in the corresponding directions. She just tilted her head to one side and looked bored to death as she did it. Well then there was a part of the song where they had to shake their hips and boy howdy, she came to life for that part! So I'm guessing she'll be a dancing comedian!

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