Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mommy wow! I'm a big boy now!

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about Colin sitting, kneeling, and wobbly standing. Today I'm back with more of the same. It seems like these things happen overnight and the next morning he just decides, "today I'm going to sit up", or "today I'm going to stand". Just as I was afraid, with his new found tricks come new found headaches! We've found yet another similarity between Colin and his Dad, he loves pots and pans. He doesn't discriminate though, as long as it's in a closed cabinet, he wants to play with it. Right now he prefers all the plastic Tupperware-type dishes. He likes to pull them all out into the floor and then play with the very first thing he yanked out, which is also usually the smallest thing. He is quite destructive and is not content until he has pulled, ripped, or yanked everything in sight onto the floor. If he sees something that he can't reach, he grunts, no whines, until he reaches it on his own or we help him. You can just imagine what story time is like at night when he has to pull down every single book and then when I try to pick them up and put them back, he looks at me like, "hey, I worked hard to get those all down and now you're just going to put them all back?" My Mom took some pictures of him with all of his Tupperware and then one where he climbed into the cabinet once he pulled everything out, which I'll post later. For now, I'll post some pictures of his progress in standing up. Right now he would rather be standing than anything else. Oh and he has progressed into a full crawl now and he took his first sideways steps on Sunday! Stay tuned for more adventures in Colin-land.

These are him discovering the stairs and looking longingly at them.

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