Friday, November 2, 2007


I haven't even tasted solid food yet and I already hate peas - thanks Mom! It was my day to stay with Grams and the day was going just fine. She took off my pj's, changed my diaper (which I LOVE), and then out came this green thing. It looked warm; it felt soft; but what was it?! She brought it closer to me and then put it over my head. I have to wear this thing? Are you kidding me? What if someone sees me? So I have this green bag of a thing on and then she starts putting something on my head and tying it around my chin. I've never had anything on my head so what is this thing. We then go to Elise's school and all the kids there look funny. I've seen some of these people in the books Mommy and Daddy have read to me but never in person. Elise looked like Mulan with sticks in her hair, socks with flip flops, and black slants drawn on her eyes. Seriously, would someone please tell me what's going on! I've had about enough so I take a nap in this thing. Maybe when I wake up it will all be over. We get home and Grams takes the bag of a thing off but leaves this crazy thing on my head (see the pictures below when I'm rolling over). Mommy and Daddy get home and just when I think I'm safe, they put that bag back on me. I've had about enough so I let them know about it. Finally someone explains to me that it's a costume for a holiday called Halloween and I'm dressed up like a peapod. I guess it wasn't so bad after that but I can only imagine what I'm going to have to wear next year. These adults come up with some of the craziest things. Man, I have a lot to learn. Here are a few pictures that Mommy just had to take while I was wearing the green thing. Oh, and there's a picture of Elise and Kiara too!

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