Friday, August 23, 2013

FYI Friday

Barney got it right, sharing is caring.  Might be the only thing, but it's a good one.  There's so many ideas and inspirations floating around out there, so when I see things I love, I want to share them.  Here's the things that are striking my fancy today.

1.  Are your kids as enthralled with bouncy balls as mine are?  And do they bounce them once and they disappear into the abyss?  Then there are tears and then there's stealing brother's ball.  Good times.  Never fear, get some borax and make your own!

2.  Yes, I did just buy some coconut milk solely for the purpose of this recipe.  Cheesecake for breakfast?!  Sign me up!  

3.  I want to throw a party just to do this.  Who comes up with these brilliant ideas?!  Martha, of course.

4.  Speaking of parties, now I want to have an ice cream or sundae party just so I can hang these around.  Maybe I'll just make them for no reason other than balloons make me happy.

5. Here's another article about "fake" food.  I understand not everyone has the time or desire to make everything from scratch, but this article should at least encourage you to know a little more about what you're buying and putting into your body.  Remember people, you only have 1 life.  I'd rather spend the money now eating healthy, as opposed to spending it in 20 years on medical bills.  Here's just a little excerpt:

"Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer hidden in thousands of foods you and your family regularly eat, and it’s one of the worst food additives ever created."


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