Thursday, May 9, 2013

Daddy Time

I don't think I give him enough credit, but Wes truly is one heck of a dad, husband, confidant, friend, and so much more.  He gives unselfishly of his time and energy.  Whenever I can't take the pressure or my patience is faltering he's right there to meet my cry for help.  He supports me when I feel like I'm not such a great mom and gives me the encouragement to believe in myself again.  He listens to me whine and takes orders well!

He is the fun dad.  The one who rough houses with the kids like dads are supposed to do.  He's the one who initiates sports-related play so that I can stay inside and bake or cook.  He insists on giving me "me" time just when I need it most.  I'm a really lucky gal!  I love you, babe.  

Oh, and he's head of the Grammar Police, so he's taught me a thing or 2 over the years (I had a lot to learn!).  I thought of that because I would not have put that comma in between you and babe in the last sentence, but now I know better :)

These pictures are from 2 months ago, even though Colin is sporting some Christmas pajamas!  They were hand-me-downs from his cousin, so anything new must be worn immediately.  Incidentally, Sawyer's pj's didn't even come with matching pants, but they were also from his cousin, so who cares if they match!


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