Friday, April 26, 2013

FYI Friday

1.  I am loving this little town near Jacksonville, Fl.  Ever heard of Avondale?  Check it out.  It's just so charming and quaint.  Just look how cute these little shops are.

2.  Wes' dream birthday cake.  It might be a little hard to cut.  Who said anything about cutting?!  

3.  I could eat pancakes for breakfast every day.  No lie.  I'd never get tired of them.  The possibilities are endless, as is the girth of my gut!

4.  I clearly have food on the brain.  I'm not even hungry.  When something says it's "to die for" are you more likely to read/look at it?  I think I am.  I mean, that's pretty serious.  One of my coworkers apparently feels that way about sports on tv.  He said if he had to go a week without watching sports on tv, he'd rather die.  He wasn't lying.  He's a preacher's son.  My dad always said to stay away from preacher's kids.  

5.  If my hands were steadier, these would be the first thing I'd try.  Nothing could beat the look on my sons' faces if I put a big plate of these in front of them.  



  1. Thanks Danielle for linking to my site and pancakes recipe!!

  2. So many delicious links in this post! That cookie layer "cake" looks awesome...but you're right - not sure how exactly one would eat it...

  3. That cookie cake first glance reminds me of a bunch of delicious oatmeal cream pies, haha! :P