Friday, April 12, 2013

FYI Friday

1.  While I've missed you guys so much, I have thoroughly enjoyed my little break from blogging.  It was my impromptu Blogging Spring Break!  I'm really trying to stay present with life in general these days, so the old blog was one less thing for my mind to drift to.

2.  I love surprises!  I love to receive them, almost as much as I love to deliver them to others.  Wes' birthday was last weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed surprising him multiple times throughout the week/weekend.  First up was dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, then dinner here, then gifts, and finally a week of some of his favorite meals.  I get a thrill from the anticipation and seeing the happiness in their eyes!

3.  I am in love with this kitchen.  I love white kitchens but look at that entire wall of windows or doors, I can't quite tell.  I'm in my kitchen a lot now, but I honestly don't think I'd ever leave this one.  Except if it was rainy and gross :)

4.  I have seen this shirt popping up everywhere around the net.  I like it but I'm afraid I'd be one of a million wearing it!  I also have to be careful of things making me look too old.  What do you think?

5.  Here's to chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' this weekend!


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