Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Menu - Week 10

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The Chickpea Potpie has resurfaced because I never got around to making it 2 weeks ago.  Please note, this one has to be babysat and therefore, can only be made on the weekends at our house.

I plan to sub out the ground turkey in this Chili Mac with ground meat alternatives.  I've been craving chili lately, so I'm hoping this fits the bill.

This lentil meatloaf is a great alternative to the traditional ground beef version.  The texture is similar, and the taste doesn't suffer from a lack of meat protein.  I also love that it makes enough that you have leftovers or enough to freeze for another day.

This cobb salad is a great way to usher in Spring!  

These tacos are a family favorite.  We'll be sharing them with some friends this week, as they make quite a bit.  It's a great no-fuss recipe to serve to dinner guests and actually be able to participate in the conversation.  Add in some refried beans, rice, and guacamole and you've got yourself a Mexican Fiesta!

Bon appetit!


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