Friday, February 1, 2013

FYI Friday

1.  Jump start your Valentine's Day planning with these 85 Ways to Show Love.

2.  Sometimes I get mad that Lexington doesn't have enough independently owned eateries.  Actually I think what I get frustrated with is the fact that Louisville has so many and we don't get the opportunity to try them all!  I think my wallet probably appreciates it though.  I'm super excited to learn of 2 new places opening up, one is that of former Top Chef contestant, Edward Lee, and the other is a sister restaurant to a favorite of ours, Guaca Mole.  

3.  It's no secret my husband is pretty great.  Hands off.  He's all mine.  He does so much around the house and here I thought he enjoyed it.  I guess not.  

4.  In other news, Sawyer decided Wednesday was the day he'd use the potty!  I've definitely learned boys have their own timetable for doing things.  They do it when they're ready!


1 comment:

  1. Please share your secret. We sit on the potty A LOT. Sam even asks to from time to time. We have yet to actually successfully put anything IN the potty. Shawn even tried to get him pumped up by showing him how "real men" go pee pee, but that is a story that I will have to share in person....not on the internets for the whole world to read.