Friday, December 21, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  There's nothing worse than being sick during the holidays.  I know firsthand about that right now, but here's hoping we'll all be better by next week!  Here are 10 great tips to strengthen your immune system and avoid the pesky cold and flu.  

2.  Along those same lines, here are some valuable facts about sugar and it's ill effects on our bodies.  Darn you cakes for tasting so delicious!  

3.  I have a couple of new blog crushes.  Both with incredibly tasty looking treats and both with amazing photography skills.  Jeal-ous!  Exhibit A.  Exhibit B.  

4.  I'm obsessed with Brussels sprouts lately.  Oddly enough, I haven't made them in a while.  I'm going to remedy that next week with these beauties!

5.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



  1. I can't take on any new cooking blogs until the New Year. I've made so many sweet treats for Christmas that I'm truly going to explode. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Hi Danielle!

    Thanks for stopping by SMBP and for the shout out- Ashlae from Oh lady Cakes is amazing is't she!!

    Love your Blog - so happy to have found you!

  3. What a cute Christmas card! Happy Holidays :)