Friday, December 14, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  I am so guilty of not living in the moment and taking the time to appreciate what is right in front of my face.  As we decorated the tree a couple of weeks ago, I had to literally restrain myself from taking complete control of decorating the tree or rearranging every ornament that the boys hung.  Wes hit the nail on the head when he said, "They're just excited."  And so it's true, Christmas through the eyes of a 5-year old is different, and perhaps more pure than what I've made it become.

2.  I'd love to become an incredible photographer but I've finally began to come to the realization that I lack the drive to make this happen.  I'm creative, but not overly artistic.  I like to learn things, but don't have the patience to wait for it to sink in.  Little snippets like this one on Christmas bokeh are perfect for me because they're short and to the point.  Sometimes I remember them, sometimes I don't, but at least I don't get bogged down and frustrated that I can't learn it all.

3.  One of my fondest Christmas memories is making candy with my, now deceased, Granny.  I miss her every day, but when I see things like this, it makes me smile knowing that I created so many wonderful memories with her.  By the way, we didn't use potatoes, did you?  We used the good stuff - confectioners' sugar!  

4.  How do the hair gods know when you're about to get a haircut?  And why do they feel it necessary to deliver you your best hair day ever the day before said appointment?  It happens to me every time.

5.  Guess what?  I do still cook.  Nearly every night.  I just haven't been taking the time to take pictures.  And what's a recipe without a picture?  I'm visual too, I'm not hating on you.  This recipe that I made this week is one of the best things I've made in a while.  I'm seriously having dreams about it.  Thankfully I brought it to work because I would have eaten the whole thing.  In one sitting.  No lie.



  1. I'm right there with you on the photography thing. I've been threatening to take a photography lesson for years. It hasn't happened yet and probably won't ever. Oh well. I'll continue to take horrible quality pics on my iPhone. I do have good intentions, though!

    1. I'd actually love to take a class but I can't find any in my area. Granted, I haven't looked in several months, but there were none to be found when I did look. I think your iPhone pictures are great! They're still capturing the moments and that's what is most important! Merry Christmas to you!