Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 6

Today, and every day, I'm thankful for my mom.  Since it's likely her name will pop up again some time this month in my thankfulness posts, today I'm specifically thankful for her taxi services.  How she manages to transport 5 kids to and fro on a daily basis and not pull every hair out of her head is beyond me.  I'm reminded just how hard of a task this is every day that I have to pick up both of my children from school - and do it within 30 minutes, so I can rush home to cook dinner.  She carts not only my 2, but also my sister's 3 from school, daycare, practice, appointments, etc.  And somehow she does it all without complaining.  Amazing!  I don't think I tell her enough just how grateful I am for her transportation and her reliability.  Priceless.


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