Friday, October 19, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  I have been loving me some reality singing competitions this season!  I didn't really get into the Voice last year (one of the few apparently since they won the Emmy last year), but lackluster sitcoms have me searching this year.  I like the premise of the shows with the judges making their decisions purely based on singing and not appearance.  Now if we could just gently remind Christina that this is a family show and to put some clothes on, we'd be in business.

2.  I also love the X Factor.  Clearly I'm a fan of singing competitions!  I also like getting to see the judges houses and what crazy way Demi is going to wear her hair each week (not a fan of the current look).  I'm in love with little Diamond White and Carly Rose Sonenclar.  Wow!  Can those girls belt it out.

3.  We have our second 5K run this weekend and I'm anxious to see if Colin runs another mile!  He played his best soccer game last time after running a mile, so we'll see what he has in store this time.

4.  Speaking of Colin, can I just brag for a moment.  Yesterday was a proud parent day for me (and Wes).   I received an unsolicited FB message from another parent friend telling me how polite and nice Colin had been to her the day before.  I went to have lunch with him where he wanted me to hold his hand as we stood in line.  As we parted ways, he raised my hand and gave me a kiss before I left (melt my heart!).  Then we had his parent-teacher conference where I just beamed with pride as his teacher informed us Colin was a real leader in the classroom and that she had purposefully placed a "problem" child at his table so that Colin's influence could hopefully rub off on the child.  She also told us that Colin was the only one in the class that sounded words out and that she often calls on him to sound new words out for the whole class.  All of that in just one day!  Wes commented later that I was in a good mood that night.  Well yeah, who wouldn't be after that kind of day (:

5.  I recently learned of a program in our state (and many other states) that ensures underprivileged children are fed on the weekends during the school year.  Hearing some of the stories of these children and their home situations are heart-wrenching to say the least.  You don't have to live here to help out.  I have no doubt these children would appreciate any help they can get.  Some of them don't even have utilities at home.  So sad.



  1. I don't know if it's that specific program, but we do something similar program at work. You're right--some of the stories are heart-wrenching. And I haven't really been keeping up with The Voice but Shawn has. I'm afraid if I see Christina's boobs one more time I'll go blind. And Cee Lo kinda freaks me out with his pets. Is he channeling Dr. Evil???

  2. I love The Voice! It is my favorite. One of my good friends from Nashville is on Blake's team. Her name is Liz Davis. You have to watch out for her. She is super talented. You son sounds like an absolute sweetheart. I hope Harper is. Sometimes I am fearful that he is a "wild man." haha!