Friday, October 12, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  Going along with my Happiness at Home project, this idea that The Nester has come up with fits right into creating a happy home.  I especially love this one.

2.  An idea near and dear to my heart - school lunches.  I think I need to take note and back off the overbearing mom train.  

3.  I'm super excited that one of my favorite far away stores (I love you NYC!) has just launched a new Home Line and a Kids' Bedding collection!  

4.  Are you tired of pumpkin yet?  Or tired of me talking about it?  If you still need to be transformed, check out some inspiration here, here, and here!  

5.  Hard to believe it's already basketball time in the Bluegrass!  Who are we kidding, it's always time for basketball in Kentucky!  Anxious to see the new faces at Big Blue Madness tonight.


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