Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Lineup

Am I the only one looking forward to putting an end to a summer of reruns?  If I hear the theme music for America's Got Talent one more time, I may disconnect my tv.  Seriously, NBC, are you that terrible that you only have one show that garners and ratings and thus, you must put it on auto repeat?!  There are only so many times I need to see Nick Cannon wearing black and white buffalo checked (tight) pants.  
I'm not sure the new fall lineup gives me much to be excited about but the promise of some new episodes of existing favorites gives me something to look forward to.  Here are a few of the shows that have at least gotten my attention.  But to quote the ever-annoying, Guy Fieri, you only have "a minute to win it!"  I have a pretty good opinion after just a few minutes and there are no second chances with me.  
Guys with Kids:  Looks just lame enough that I have to watch it at least once.  What mother doesn't like to see a man struggle with the job she pulls off every day?  The sunglasses are a pretty good sing this one will be terrible, but I'll watch anything that makes me feel better about myself!
Elementary - Who doesn't love a good Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson story?  If Jonny Lee Miller can keep the scruffy look going, I may able to look past the fact that Lucy Liu is not my favorite actress.  I need to have at least one somewhat intellectual contender on the list, so please don't fail me now.  Looks like this one will go straight to DVR because of the time slot, so it might stand a chance since I won't have to watch commercials.  
Wes picked this one for me.  His words went something like this, "That looks like something that might be right up your alley - drama and cattiness."  I would argue, but instead, sign me up!  I'll be interested to see if Hayden Panettiere can pull off a more grown-up role.
Not surprisingly, this one may end up being the winner of my heart.  Pretty people, current fashion, teenage drama?  My kind of show.  90210 anyone?  I'm going to make a bold prediction that it will be totally predictable, but I'll still tune in each and every week for some mind-numbing entertainment.
I like Mindy Kaling and I like her quirky humor.  I just hope I like Mindy Kaling's humor for 30 minutes.  She and I are basically in the same pursuit of being the best all-round person we can be.  Heck, maybe I'll learn something along the way.  What a novel concept that one could actually get something useful out of a primetime sitcom!

What about you, are there any you're excited about that didn't make my list?



  1. Ha, I am embarrassingly excited about Fall TV coming back. I'm really excited for The Mindy Project, too! I also think The New Normal could be good. But I am most happy for my old fave - Parks and Recreation to make a reappearance.

  2. I'm looking forward to the Mindy show...hopefully it will be good. I'm also excited for Mad Men to return to tv, though I'd be lying if I said I knew when that was, ha!

  3. Nothing says fall to me like the end (or is it the start) or daylight savings, the chill in the air, and the fact that it's dark by 6pm, so you don't feel guilty for catching up on your fave shows after your child is in bed : ) The only redeeming factor about summer re-runs are that we occassionally find a new show to throw into the mix, this summer it was Happy Endings. That said, I don't know if I can watch one more episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, or Love it or List it because I hate what's on every other channel : )