Friday, August 24, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  I love finding little gems on the internet that I would not have otherwise known or discovered.  Now if I could just carve out a few minutes during the day to actually do some of these things, I'd be in business.  I think both my children and I could benefit from one of these detox baths.  She had me at whine-free!  Sign me up!
2.  If Wes and I weren't going out of town the week after, we would totally splurge on this dinner.  What an amazing opportunity.  Probably the closest to James Beard I'll ever be.  Maybe next year!
3.  I thought this necklace was so cute, I ordered 2!  

4.  I love seeing fellow bloggers on tv.  It's like I'm watching a friend!  First it was Emily on the Food Network.  Then Megan mentioned one of her real life friends was going to be on the reality show, The Week the Women Went.  Then last night I was watching my dvr'd Craft Wars and saw Beth from Home Stories from A to Z.  Who's next?  Me?!
5.  Stay tuned next week for Vegan Week!  I'll be showcasing a new vegan recipe each day.  I hope you'll consider trying at least one (:  

Happy weekend!


  1. How do you find all these cool things to do? Like that dinner in Paris? That menu was making my mouth water. And I love that necklace.....the smaller size is so nice. I wish they had green. I've been wanting a green statement necklace. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Um...forget the kids, sign ME up for the whine-free bath! I've been "needing" to buy some epsom salt anyway so this is a perfect excuse :) I'm liking your FYI Fridays, I'm getting all sorts of good tips. Fresher towels, detox bath, etc. (Fyi I've used your towels tip at least once a week since reading it. Sad but true.)