Friday, August 10, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  Today is this beautiful woman's 70th birthday!  I hope I look that good at 70!  Happy Birthday to my best friend, my wonderful babysitter, and most importantly, the best mom in the world!
2.  I can't wait for this cookbook to hit the shelves!  I've gotten so many recipes from her blog since discovering it a couple of months ago.  Do you ever wonder how you discovered certain blogs?  Maybe it's just my terrible memory but I think about this all the time.  Maybe I'm just nostalgic.  
3.  Sometimes it's reassuring just to know you're not alone in the journey of parenting.  Anyone else have similar feelings as Emily?  This post came a perfect time for me, as I struggle with finding a good balance too.
4.  If you know me at all, you know how much I love secrets - both giving and receiving.  I've heard a lot recently about "secret supper clubs" and am totally intrigued/jealous.  I know we have one in Lexington but I think it's by invitation only and I'm not sure how long the waiting list is.  Here's an alternative if you're in the area - Seed-to-Table Secret Dinner Series.
5.  Have you seen the Southern Living 2012 Idea House?  I'm partial to that huge wrap-around porch!  I love the neutral color palate they chose and how they mixed the old with the new.  I also love the layout of the house and the "study" at the top of the stairs.  I'd take this for a summer home (:
6.  Any moms of boys read this book?  Thoughts?
7.  What about this one?  I'm considering starting my second book in 15 years!

Happy weekend all!  I'm off to drown in my tears as I spend the last weekend with Colin before school starts.  Say a little prayer for me!


  1. Maybe you'll get a cookbook deal one day too! And Secret supper clubs? Say whaaaat? I SO want to go to Shakertown and do that dinner! Sounds so fun!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I have that same mommy dilemma every. Single. Day. My maternity leave is flying by so I want to spend as much time as I can with the kiddos but I need some down time too. How to find the balance? I haven't figured it out yet, either.

  3. Somehow I read "drown my sorrows" as "down to my drawers" good lord I need help!?!?! I had no idea about this secret supper club! That is interesting!! How did you find out about this?

    1. Well the one at Shakertown is just a little seasonal thing they're doing that I read about in a Louisville magazine, of all places. The other one in Lexington was in the paper or like the Chevy Chaser one month. I really want to join! If and when they have another outing, I'll let you know if I hear anything.