Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Our weekend was packed with celebration and it was so much fun.  The boys got into the spirit in their own ways.  Colin has become an avid artist and could spend hours perfecting 20 masterpieces.  He colors so determindly and with such effort.  I'm anxious to show you one of the pieces he made me for my birthday but I'll save that for another day.  He wanted to create Wes a wreath for Father's Day.  I drew the hearts, he colored and cut them out and taped them on a wreath he cut out himself.  Where the wreath idea came from I have no idea but there's no changing his mind when he gets an idea.  I love his determination! 

I also found the most adorable printables from Kiki and Company - superhero!  Since Colin's birthday party theme is going to be superheroes and I'm not sure who is more excited about that, Wes or Colin, I knew these would be a hit.  We printed out a coupon book for dad and Colin helped me with some of the pages.  He wrote all the words on his pages and I think he did a great job! 

"U picking me up from school."

"A salad made by me."

"I love you for anything."

The signature page.

Sawyer's way of celebrating is with his new found vocabulary.  Without being prompted, he wished me a "Happy Birtday" and Wes a "Happy Fafer's Day!"  He continued to wish us happy days throughout the day and every time we eat cake or whenever he sees the cake carrier on the counter.  He associates the cake carrier with birthday cake and therefore calls anything inside "happy birtday."  It really is the cutest thing ever!

My dad was with his sister in Eastern Kentucky, so we exchanged our happys over the phone.  I couldn't imagine 2 better men to celebrate on Father's Day!  Such great role models and upstanding men.  I love you both immensely! 


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