Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm addicted to the pin Pinterest.  It's starting to make me feel inadequate.  I could never do every project or make every recipe I have pinned and for this mark-that-off-your-list kind of girl, that's frustrating.  I have set up several boards for the various rooms in our new house and while I love looking at the pictures, I haven't found the time to actually try to implement any of those designs.  That's also frustrating.  I want it all and I want it now.  Too bad.

In the meantime, here are a few of my inspirations.

I thought this would be such a clever thing to do with a key from our first townhouse and first house.

We have a lovely side porch and I'd love to paint the concrete like this!

I love this for one of the boys' rooms or their playroom.  It's so fun and educational too.  Oh but that would be 26 nails I'd have to put in the wall.  Too much for me to commit to right now.

My current obsession is to find a cheap dresser that I can paint for our master bedroom.  Two of our large pieces of furniture wouldn't make it up our stairs, so I need something to put our tv on and to give me a little extra storage.  Craigslist has let me down so far but I'll keep looking.  I know the right piece is out there somewhere.

I'm also obsessed with gallery walls.  I love the look of them but again, that's a lot of nails to commit to!

Then I see recipes like this and I want to stop decorating and get in the kitchen.

Now Pinterest needs to come up with a way to send someone to your house to magically transform your house/kitchen/project into what you saw on the web.  Until then, if I like then I'll have to put a pin on it!

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  1. I know what you mean about Pinterest. I have to pace myself. I can only look at things that I am specifically working on--Sam's birthday party, recipes that I'm going to take to the potluck at work next week. Anything else and I get overwhelmed and just start feeling inadequate. And I hate that.

    Regarding your nails in the wall--try the little velcro things. Can't think of the name of them, but they're like the little hooks with the sticky stuff on the back. It's like plastic velcro, and it's perfect for someone like me who can NEVER get the nail in exactly the right spot on the first try. And no holes to fill in!!! (I've only ever found it at Walmart, so if there is a downside to this stuff, that is it. But you might get lucky at Lowe's.)

  2. Pinterest is so addicting! I have to make an effort to actually make/cook the things I pin so I'm not just pinning for no good reason.

  3. I love that alphabet wall! You need to add your pinterest link so we can follow you!

  4. I could waste 12 hours a day on pinterest. I need a month with no family, no job, no distractions to do all the things I have pinned. And even then it might not be enough time...

  5. Pinterest is fantastic and evil all at the same time.

    The item Flossie was talking about is made my Command. They've got strips to hang your photos now so you don't have to use nails at all. I've heard great things about them.