Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Boys

In case you were wondering, the boys are still around.  I realized that I have been slacking in my motherly duties to post about my precious heathens angels!  My first clue that I had neglected them was when I whipped out my camera to catch them in the action, they both willingly yelled, "Cheese!"  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?  Good excuse.

They have both adjust to the new house remarkably well.  Colin informed me that he didn't want to move initially.  I asked him what changed his mind and he said all the stairs.  When I was 4, my eyes would have lit up too at the sight of stairs.  Those were simpler times.

Colin has been busy planning, rather dictating, his birthday.  The theme is irrelevant to him.  He just wants chocolate cake with vanilla icing - I don't think he realizes he could have chocolate cake and chocolate icing and I'm not going to be the one to inform him either.  So for another year (probably the last), I'll get to pick the theme and obsess decorate until my little heart is content.  And he'll be happy shoving his face with cake.

Being the thoughtful and caring brother that he is, he also asked if he could chose his brother's cake flavor since he can't talk.  I told him I would take suggestions but he wasn't interested in a mere suggestion, he wanted to determine it right then and there.  Strawberry cake with chocolate frosting.  Think of it as a chocolate covered strawberry!

Sawyer is my wild child.  He's rough and tumble, stubborn, throws fits like I'd only read about, but also loves to shadow his mama.  He's high maintenance in terms of wanting me.  It's great being the chosen one, but honestly, the novelty wears off quickly  Wes informs me that he doesn't whine and insist upon being picked up unless I'm around.  Yay me!  But those huge "mwahs" sure do make up for it. 

He also loves to lay his head on your shoulder, tuck his little arms in by his tummy, and thrust up and down.  At first Wes would say, "humpy, humpy, humpy" but then Sawyer started repeating him and so we've changed it to "happy, happy, happy" to ward off the authorities.

He loves to adamantly shake his head "no" while his hair just flops about.  Imagine a much younger John Denver.  Everything is an adamant, head shaking "no" these days.  His one word grunt has more meaning than I can convey.  We all understand it, as do most parents, I'm sure.

They drive me to the brinks of insanity when I'm with them, yet I miss them the minute we're apart.  Funny how that works.  They constantly test my patience but have taught me so much about myself.  I've asked before why people don't warn you about certain aspects of parenthood but I've come to realize, you just have to experience it to get it and even then some things just aren't explainable.


  1. They are so ridiculously cute! Love their little facial expressions!

  2. I'm starting to finally see how much they look alike! And I lover Sawyer's hair. Sam's hair is just barely brushing the top of his ears right now and Shawn is having a fit for me to get him a haircut. If it were up to him, he'd have him in a military style buzz cut.

  3. Loved this catch up on your boys! "humpy, humpy, humpy!" cracked me up- hilarious!

  4. so, so cute! I hear ya on wanting some "me" time, but then missing them. Have a great week! Thanks for all your sweet comments.

  5. i sooo love love love your boys!!! they have such wonderful eyes... yes, its really tough to be parents but you are so blessed with your boys, am pretty sure that they will grow up to be beautiful people.... following you now.. love your blog!!! hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!