Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Giving

Apparently Santa came a little early for me.  I think I should have played the lottery at the end of November because I was on a lucky streak with giveaways!  I can't thank the givers enough for the bounty of goodies I received but I did want to at least share a few of their products with you.

First up was the delicious salted caramels I received from Firefly Confections.  I honestly have no idea how I first stumbled upon this site but I'm sure glad I did!  They specialize in custom sugar cookie, as well as chocolate chip cookies, and caramels.  I had full intentions of turning over the caramels to Wes since he's a big salt + caramel person but after one lick, I decided we could share!

I'm amazed how they get the little grains of salt in nearly every lick.  When I've had salted caramels before, the salt is all resting on the top, but not these.  The caramel is rich and creamy and the added punch the salt gives just pushes these over the top.  I highly recommend these for a great little stocking stuffer!


Next, I received a wonderful surprise that I had won 25 personalized Christmas cards from 20 Going On 80!  First let me say that I laughed out loud the first time I found her blog.  The title pretty much sums up what people's first impression of me is.  I've often been told I'm an old person trapped in a young person's body.  I take it as a compliment that they think I'm that mature!

Melissa is a design student with mad skills.  If the work she did for me is any indication of her abilities, she will really excel in her design career!  She was so great to work with and super fast!  I loved everything about the card design from the moment I saw it.  When the package arrived, she spared no detail.  The cards were wrapped in adorable Christmas wrappings.  She also included some candycane twine to use for hand-delivered cards.  She also threw in some complimentary candycane return address labels!  Seriously, every "t" was crossed and every "i" was dotted.  If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas card or want to do a Happy New Years card instead, look no further than Melissa!

Look at this adorable packing.

Our 2011 Christmas card:


  1. Ummmm...can I come to your house for caramels? Those look amazing! And you lucky duck!!! Winning that amazing gift package? Congrats!

  2. Beautiful card! Your boys are so adorable!

    Thank you for joining in the fun! I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!

  3. Could your boys be any cuter??? Love it!!!!!! :)

  4. I love how these turned out!! Great pictures, great family!

  5. Your card is adorable and your kiddos are gorgeous!