Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Reader

Wes and I agree on a lot of things relating to parenthood.  I'm not sure I would have realized that as much had it not been for my mom pointing it out.  She's right, it certainly makes things easier when you're on the same page (ha!).

One thing we both felt strongly about was reading to our children from an early age.  Wes is an avid reader and I pretty much despise it.  I didn't want to pass that on to my children, so I made a point of immersing them in books from day one. 

From the time he was old enough to hold his head up, Colin has loved books.  Whether it was the delicious taste of the corners, the rippable pages, or the colorful pictues, he would eagerly climb in our laps for storytime.

It wasn't long before he had memorized half of his library of books (and that's a lot of books for those inquiring minds).  He would correct us if we missed a word (no skipping pages with this one!) and help us if our minds started to wander.  When my mom doesn't have her reading glasses, he helps her with the words she can't see. 

Little brother has followed in his big brother's footsteps.  Now Colin not only enjoys being read to, he has taken the driver's seat and reads to Sawyer.  It's incredibly precious how he asks permission to read to him.  He is such a sweet and thoughtful child that he somehow senses just when I need his help the most.  As I'm in the thoroughs of cooking dinner and Sawyer is pitifully handing me "Tubby" and grunting as if to say, "Please read this to me," Colin somehow takes the reigns and asks both his brother and I, "Bubby, do you want me to read 'Tubby' to you?"

He is a precious little boy with such a strong desire to learn.  He's in an accelerated reading program at his school and although he successfully read the first book, his instructor sent a note home saying it appeared as if he had memorized it.  Yep, he probably had.  We've moved on to flashcards now and he's doing well with those.

The images like these just melt my heart and make me overcome with pride and joy! 
**Disclaimer:  The pictures might be blurry but the moment was far too precious to not be recorded!


  1. How sweet! What a good big brother!!

  2. Too cute! I was a little worried about Sam for a while because it seemed that he was only interested in books for their deliciousness. Now we're starting to get more into looking at and talking about the pictures. Our favorites are any book that has animals in it. It's particularly fun if there's something in there that roars. :)

  3. so cute and i can't get over how big sawyer is!

  4. Love the photos of our kiddies. PRECIOUS!