Wednesday, November 30, 2011


None of the thoughts running through my head are worthy of their own post.  Heck, they're probably not even worthy of a combined post but I feel like I owe you something.  I mean it has been 2 whole days and all.  I wouldn't want people to start talking.

1)  Our timing for selling our house was terrible.  Besides the obvious, no one wants to buy a house a month before Christmas, it also really puts a cramp in the holiday festivities.  We haven't been able to put up our tree or any decorations yet because I don't want that to dissuade any possible buyers.  Our tree is large and in charge and takes up a lot of space.  I don't want it to make our family room look small.  I have no idea when I'm going to do it or what I'm going to do.  Heck, one of my preset radio stations is playing all Christmas, all the time and I haven't even been able to push that button in fear of hearing the dreaded festivus tunes.

2)  I love my son.  Really, I do.  Like more than cake!  But the clingy, mommy-only phase must come to a stop.  There's only so much whining, crying, and throwing himself at me I can handle.  Wes declared himself a "placeholder" tonight and sadly, that's not far from the truth at this point.  As flattering as it may seem, it's not so easy to cook dinner, get ready, or go to work with a 16-month old on your hip.  Trust me buddy, I'm not going anywhere.

3)  Colin amazes me every day with what comes out of his mouth.  Some of his recent thoughts:  

"The next time we go to the beach, I want to ride in the airplane with Buff again so we can say "hi" to Granny."  (You may recall my Granny passed away this summer.)


"How come last year we couldn't have our Christmas party at school because it snowed but it's supposed to snow today and we get to have it?"  - The forecast just called for flurries today, thus school was not going to be cancelled.


"Mommy?  Can I have eat this bracelet I made today for my dessert?" (Fruit Loops)
"No, Colin, I don't think that's a good idea considering you've had your grimy hands all over it all day."
"No I haven't," as he continues to rub all over it.  "Well I've been nibbling at this one all day."  He shows me a specific one that literally had 1 millimeter gone.
"I don't think so but you can have one of the cookies you and Buff made yesterday."
"Ok!"  He proceeds to discard the bracelet by launching it on the counter.


Me: "How old do you think you'll be when you're as tall as Daddy?"
Colin:  "One hundred."
Me:  "Really?"
Colin:  "Have you been one hundred yet?"
Me:  "No!"
Colin:  "Do you want to be one hundred?"
Me:  "I guess so."
Colin:  "How come you and Daddy are the same number (age) but you haven't grown as tall as him?"
Me:  blank stare

4)  Speaking of being old, I have a niece turning 13 this weekend.  I can remember when she was a baby.  Where has the time gone?!  She's an amazing basketball player, a great student, and has a wonderful heart.  I hope she thinks I'm cool enough to come to her party!
That's her shooting the ball in the black.  She's also now as tall as I am.
5)  I'm officially off-duty in the toy buying department for my boys.  I just don't get it.  Batman, bad guys, caves?  How about dolls, makeup, and dress up?  I might know a few things about that.  Thank goodness Wes is still a big kid at heart.  Without him, I'd be lost!  

6)  I need some good Christmas cookie inspiration.  Anyone have a good, tried and true recipe I could take to a cookie exchange?  I don't want just a chocolate chip cookie, I want something a little different.  Suggestions?

Enough mindless chatter.  Oh and I'm now officially addicted to Pinterest.  Feel free to follow my newest obsession here.  


  1. Holla!!! (I was thinking that might make you at least smile.)

    Expect an email from me SOON ... including a great cookie recipe!

    And I love the Colin words ... Pierce remembers EVERYTHING - it's astonishing to me.

  2. I spent over an hour today looking for cookie exchange recipes. I had to stop when I got a call from Anna's daycare that she had a fever : (

    But, before then I had decided I was going to either try PW's Christmas Cherries or Annie's Chewie Triple Chocolate Cookies ...

  3. Love Colin! It's so funny to hear him place things together.

    Good luck with your house - I'll keep my ears open if I know of anyone looking!

  4. It's amazing how fast they grow...seems like my nephew Levi was just in diapers...and now? He's old enough to drive and taller than me!!

  5. Paula Dean's "Gooey Butter Cookies" - the recipe is listed on Food Network's website in the chocolate cookie form. Just replace the chocolate cake mix with yellow cake mix...waaay better! Always a hit everywhere I go when I bring those. They bake best on a baking stone and you want them to be gooey and chewy. :) I hope you enjoy if you make them. Merry Christmas to you and yours!:)

  6. Depending on how unique you're looking for, I sometimes make red (black cherry or strawberry) and green (lime) kool aid cookies?

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