Sunday, October 16, 2011

Keep Swimming

It's not for a lack of trying but the soccer star is still galaxies away.  Playing at home and playing in the game are somehow completely different episodes.  At home, he runs, he kicks hard, he's aggressive, he wants to score a goal, and he seems to understand the general concept.  Then the snack fairy trance comes over him at his games and every skill he showcased at home is forgotten.  He runs with herd but not in a hustling kind of way.  He rarely, if ever, actually goes after the ball, let alone makes any effort to kick it.  I feel like it's in there but right now the games seem to be about seeing his friends, making the kids laugh, and especially the 2 snacks!  He literally jumps up and screams, "snacks" to signal to the world that it's time.  Further proof he's destine to be a chef.

Last week, the star on our team (the coach's son) asked Coach Wes why Colin was so funny?  So I guess all is not lost.  Everyone loves a clown, right?  Two games left but the coach assures us something magical happens between the ages of 4 and 5 and suddenly it just clicks with the kids at 5.  Here's hoping!

Daddy doing double duty.  Sawyer loved it.  He got to be a part of the action without having to exert an ounce of energy.  He's getting a head start though because he already kicks the soccer ball around the house.
Maybe Colin should just pretend the other kids are Daddy.  He's getting really good at pretending and using his imagination, so maybe that would work.  We shall see.

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