Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Enjoy Fall

First you get your rake and find some leaves.

Then you rake them into a pile.

Then you admire your hard work.

Ready for takeoff!

Almost there.


Sweet success!

Then you do it all again.

All while Little Brother watches from afar.

Until Little Brother sees Mommy and takes off towards her.

But no fall day is complete without your medicine dropper.

Ah, I love fall.


  1. You captured the best part of fall!

  2. I love Colin's face right before he jumped into the leaves. Too funny!

  3. Love the photos! I can still remember jumping in leaves when I was little. We need the trees to change down here so we can have leaves in Charleston too!

  4. Colin looks so big!! Great pictures.

  5. how adorable! Colin's face is priceless!

  6. Medicine dropper - love it! Yep, we had the leaf pile going last weekend. The kids had a ball, but then my son couldn't understand why he was itchy all over. Buddy, the fun comes with a price. :)

  7. This is just the best. I can't wait for us to finally get fall (our piddly Texas version of it, that is) and have some leaves on the ground for the boy & I to jump around in.