Sunday, October 30, 2011

Climbing to the Top

Last weekend we borrowed our neighbors ladder because we're not cool enough to own our own.  Seriously, ladders are expensive.  Did you know that?  And when neither party in a household is handy, in fact they're clumsy, why would one waste money on something like a ladder?  Really, it's just asking for trouble.

Lucky for us, we have Tim the Tool Man Taylor as our friendly neighbor and if he doesn't have what you're looking for in his garage, Lowe's doesn't have it either.  Seriously, the man is always outside working on some project and even Colin will say, "What's William working on now?!"

So last weekend we needed to do some touch-up painting on the ceiling in our bathroom and neither our little step stool, nor me hoisted on Wes' shoulders, was cutting it.  I saw William in his garage, so I seized the opportunity.  I interrupted him from grooming his own dog (I told you he did everything) and he eagerly asked if I wanted a 6', 9', or extension ladder.  Um, that one right there should do.  I have no idea!  How tall are our ceilings?  Ok, I'll take that height.

Wes somehow managed to get the thing upstairs without putting any holes in the wall - a major accomplishment in and of itself.  He also did a mighty fine job touching up our ceiling.  But we wanted to make sure we were really finished with the ladder before we gave it back, so we left it there overnight just in case.

What happens when you have something new in your house with 2 small children?

A new obstacle to hurt yourself on toy.

Seems so innocent.

There's the rotten grin hiding behind the thumb.

Out comes the leg and here comes mommy the ladder comes crashing down.

Serious fun.

Did I hear a camera?  

I'm happy to report that the ladder returned to it's rightful owner safe and sound.  I think it's a good idea, for more reasons than one, that we don't own one of our own.  


  1. I can only imagine the toddler boy dangers of a ladder with two said boys in the house. And I particularly like the 3rd shot down with the mischievous blue eyes peeking over the ladder - I know that look!

  2. Your little ones are just too adorable & precious! I tensed up a bit nearing the end of your post, but that's me "Nervous Nelly!" He! he!
    Yes, maybe the ladder best be at the neighbor's!

  3. Great photos! Haha, I've never thought about the price of ladders before. Maybe someday. Happy Halloween!!

  4. It is amazing how quickly young ones can find the new things in a house as well as how fun they can make it!

  5. So cute! Yep, it's like a moth drawn to the flame, isn't it? Can't wait to see a Halloween recap of your boys' costumes. :)