Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Holiday weekends are bittersweet.  While I love spending the extra time with my family, and obviously not being at work, my ears are literally bleeding by the end of the third day. 

I remember being so excited when Colin spoke his first word, then his first complete sentence, then used his first big word.  Chalk that up to being a new mom and not knowing the "List of things I wish I would have known before I had children."  I wish I would have known those coos were much more pleasing than the incessant questions of "Why?" and "How do you know?" that have no reasonable answer and that the grunts and groans were much more tolerable than the tattletaling.  While I wouldn't trade him for the world, a few moments of solitude would be nice. 

Colin explains it like this, "I have a lot to say, don't I?"

Well said.

We are often asked when we're out in public with our chatterbox if he's always like that.  Yes, my friends, we have an inquisitive child.  Eventually my knowledge base is going to be exhausted (pun intended) and he's going to have to seek wisdom from someone else.  He's either going to be brilliant or nosey as can be!

On our third day, after being trapped in a car with him for several hours, Wes devised a brilliant plan for the ever present "why" question.  He's going to answer with "Z."  In my state of delirium, I could not contain my laughter.  Get it?  Why = Y and the next letter of the alphabet is Z!  What can I say, after a full day of questioning, no nap (by either child) and 2 parents who just wanted to do what you're supposed to do on a rainy day - sleep, I thought my husband was a comedic genius. 

Wouldn't you know it, we didn't even get a chance to try it out!  No, Colin was too busy pushing his brother off of his toy, running through the house telling me all the things he wasn't going to do, and throwing things out of frustration.  Why don't children respect sleep the way adults do? 

Dear Mr/Mrs Sleep,

I promise to never take you for granted again.  The end.

Good night,


  1. Completely agreed from the girl who thought she should move her 20 month old to a big girl bed. Awesome.

  2. HA! Mike and I were just goo'ing over the fact that Anna started laughing last night ... we'll be in your shoes before we know it, I guess. Also, I take this to mean that he'll actually talk to me the next time I visit? I can't wait to chat it up!