Monday, September 19, 2011

Through his eyes

What's that you ask?  Does this help?

You don't take pictures of your stairs?  

Would you if it was the first time you got your hands on a camera?  Well the following are some of the 100's of images Colin decided were picture-worthy.  Why didn't I think of this sooner?  My little point-and-shoot kept him occupied for an hour.  Even better, I've been able to use it as leverage to cease both bad behavior and to get him to finish his dinner!  He wore down the battery last night and asked no fewer than 23 times if the ready light had turned green.  That was the first thing he noticed tonight when he walked through the door.  It was definitely interesting to see the our house through his eyes.  Some pictures were recurring and some actually turned out well.  I'm still trying to get him to hold still until he hears the click but as you'll see, that's a work in progress.  Enjoy!

Who is this?

I don't know either.  I noticed the picture after it had the Disney ears in the corner and it dawned on me he had taken a picture of the tv.

Ooh, his water bottle.

Maybe you'd go outside to nature.  The closer the better!

Maybe your crying (teething) brother?

 What a mess!

No?  Let's try Mommy.

Better yet, have Mommy hold the bananas!  That's a great idea!

Can't forget Daddy!

And Daddy reading a book.  Must photograph every page of book.

The most photographed object?

A Rubbermaid storage container.  Clearly exciting.

And who's the mastermind behind these wonderful photography skills?

A self portrait.


  1. It is amazing what kids find exciting! My daughter's current favorite "toy" - the cow piece of a large puzzle!

  2. So cute! You've got a future artist for sure!!

  3. What a delightful post! Thanks for stopping by Syrup and Biscuits! I look forward to reading more about your life as a Mommy.

  4. Hahah I love this! Funny to see things from his level!

  5. What a great idea!! He got a few good shots, you have a budding food critic and photographer on your hands!

  6. Nice! Maybe a photographer in the making?!

  7. Love this! And love how he had you guys "pose" for him. My four-year-old loves to take photos, too. And, with digital cameras, the second he takes it, he looks at the screen and says, "That's a good one."

  8. These posts are so cute! I love that you show off your little mans picture taking skills. It's great.