Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Through his eyes - Take 2

In case you didn't get enough of our budding photographer, he was back at it the next night.  For your viewing entertainment, Wes and I were his subjects.  Again, we're still working on holding the camera still.  As a person who is very critical of herself in pictures, I actually prefer the blur.  

Strike a pose.
 There's nothing to it, vogue!

Oh, what happened?  Let's try again.

By this point I started to get a little loopy.  There are only so many pictures you can have taken before you feel like you are a subject of the papparazi.

Finally, we were asked to bow.  I guess that means our photo shoot had come to a close.

In the meantime, see the car seat in the lower left?  During all of our antics, Sawyer had managed to drag that halfway across the house and was pleased as punch with himself.  He was none the wiser that we were in the midst of a Glamour Shots shoot. 
A great "before" shot of our pre-haircut.  We are both in desperate need.


  1. I see a future in photography!!! LOL!

    By the way, you asked about the cabinet/cubby. My hairdresser had it in her shop. She sold me two of them. I gave one to each DIL. They were green and we painted them white. Sure is a great thing for their toys! Thanks for asking and for visiting my Blog!