Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soccer Star

Colin starts soccer next week and we are all very excited.  I'm excited to become a soccer mom, Wes is excited that his child is finally old enough to take part in a team sport (with an added bonus that it's one of his new found favorite sports), and Colin is excited probably because we're excited.  Now let's hope he actually participates and doesn't just stand in the middle of the field, sucking his thumb.  He'll be cute no matter what!

This weekend we purchased half of the equipment - everything minus the uniform.  He couldn't wait to get home and put his shin guards and cleats on.  I think he would have slept in them if I would have let him.  I totally would have but he already has enough bruises up and down his legs.

Here he is practicing his moves.  Between his stubborn strong-willed personality and Wes' lack of patience, I'm not sure how much learning is going to go on at our house.  Colin doesn't take direction very well from Wes and Wes doesn't take that so well.  It must eventually soak in because he's got the basics down.  In fact, he's got quite a leg on him and loves to kick the heck out of the ball.  

Wes asked him if he liked kicking the ball or keeping the ball away from the goal and he said keeping it away.  Looks like more bruises are in our future!


The reality of the first game.

I only wish I were that limber!


  1. LOVE his little goal - can't wait to see pics!

  2. Too funny! I love the little kids in their soccer uniforms. The shin gards always take up their entire leg.