Monday, August 1, 2011

Aw shucks!

I try to allow Colin to do as many 'grown up' things as possible.  Sometimes its easier (and quicker) to just do it myself but when time (and my patience) allows, I love to get him involved.  I love to watch him soak it all in and experience things for the first time.  A lot of these firsts revolve around the kitchen, since that's where I spend a lot of my time.

This weekend I had several ears of corn to shuck and I decided to let him 'help.'  I'm often surprised how quickly he picks things up and how well he does.  He quickly claimed 2 ears as his own and off he went peeling the shucks off, one by one.  I never had to say a word, he just watched what I did and adapted it his way.  When he got to the silks, he asked me to remove the 'princess hair.'  I've always called the silks hairs too but I never thought of them as princess-like.  Love it!

I guess our afternoon of shucking and manual labor must have appealed to him because this morning we had an interesting conversation about the future.  He asked if we would always be together?  After my heart melted, I responded, "Yes."

"But we might not always live in the same place," he said.

"That's true but I can always come visit."

"What if you don't know where I live?"

"Hopefully you'll tell me!"

"I might live on a farm."

"What would you do on the farm?"

"The animals would make me breakfast."

And there you go, my son will be a farmer who trains his animals to take care of him.  Perhaps they'll also remove the princess hair from the corn.  He just might be on to something.