Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I think I'm finally caught up enough with travel posts to get back into the Thankful Thursday routine. 

1)  I'm thankful for a child who continues to amaze me with the speed at which he adapts to new environments.  Colin has been in and out of 4 "schools" in the last 3 years and he has exceeded my expectations with each one.  I'm the nervous mother who thinks her child will be sitting in the corner, waiting for someone to ask him to play, too shy to initiate contact on his own.  Wrongly so.  With each new day, there's a new friend, a new toy, and a new talent one of his friends has taught him.  I'm thankful he is coming out of his shell, seeing as how it took me a good 18 years to do it!

2)  I'm thankful for a child who smiles, laughs, babbles, and squirms until his little heart is content.  Sawyer has to be one of the happiest little boys around.  Now don't get me wrong, when I leave his sight or he doesn't get what he wants quick enough, he lets you know his displeasure, but otherwise he is happy as a lark playing, talking, and humping about!  He talks much more than I ever remember Colin talking at this age and he loves nothing more than to give whatever object he's holding the business.  Seeing his face light up when he sees me is more rewarding than anything!

3)  I'm thankful for unexpected lunch dates with myself.  I am a creature of habit and routine.  I plan weekly menus so that we have leftovers to take for lunch the next day.  I'm too thrifty to spend money on lunches out every day, so on the rare occasion that I do get to go out, it's extra special.  I got to pick my own lunch spot yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed the break in my routine to eat some delicious food prepared by someone else.  Doesn't everything taste better when someone else prepares it?

What are you thankful for?  Link up to Black Tag Diaries to share. 


  1. Sweet boys! Lunch (and any food) almost always tastes better when it's cooked by someone else. Even better, when someone else does the dishes! Happy Thursday!

  2. i am a huge fan of solo lunch dates... especially if i have a book or magazine on hand. hey... how have you been doing with your project life kit?? mine has been a total fail so far...

  3. Great things to be thankful for. New follower from Thankful Thursday. Come check out what I'm thankful for and I would love if you would follow me back :)

  4. Absolutely! You should treat yourself more often. :)

  5. Your boys sound so precious! I'm just like you - it took me forever to come out of my shell a bit!

  6. So did you go out to lunch on your own? I am AWFUL about doing this. I hate eating alone. We should meet up for lunch one day!