Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Belated Happy Father's Day

I'm taking a small break in my catch up posts to wish my dad and my children's dad a belated Happy Father's Day.  They are both incredible men who give themselves unselfishly to their children.  Not to overshadow my Dad's merits, I want to brag on Wes for a minute.

Being a dad means being a role model.  It means teaching and learning as you go.  It means loving unconditionally, giving everything you have, and being there for your family.  Wes does all that and so much more.  He works from home part time so that he can be here with the boys.  He occupies them every Sunday afternoon so that I can prepare dinner in peace.  He plays soccer, baseball, basketball, human gorilla, karate, wrestling and a whole host of other activities that boys are supposed to do.  He has taught Colin to thank me for the meals I prepare and to tell me I look pretty.  He holds Sawyer when we're out to give my back a break.  He reads books and has passed his love of books on to Colin (and probably Sawyer eventually).  He lets Sawyer sleep on his chest or lay cuddled up next to him on our bed.  He shows the boys his love with lots of hugs and kisses.  The boys are lucky to have such a terrific dad!


  1. What a sweet post. Sounds like you are all very lucky! Great picture of your boys!

  2. You picked a pretty great one!