Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Before I had children of my own, I spent a lot of time with my 2 nieces.  There were a lot of firsts - graduation, sporting events, and other discoveries.  For whatever reason, I was always an emotional wreck when something monumental happened with those 2 girls.  When they scored a basket, I could feel myself getting choked up and I had to fight back tears.  When I went to a performance at their school, the same feelings would overtake me.  My sister used to joke that I was going to be a mess when I had my own children. 

Well that day has come and for whatever reason, I haven't really experienced that same feeling.  I think I'm more proud than anything else and want to shout it from the rooftops that that's my little boy!  I find myself watching him intently to see if he's going to perform, if he's going to smile, and honestly, to make sure he does what he's supposed to do. 

Last week he graduated from Playschool - that's not quite Preschool but not daycare either.  He's learned letter and number recognition, learned to use scissors, write his name, and most importantly, play well with other kids.  He absolutely adored his school and I think the crux of it was that he became part of a foursome of little boys who get along great together and love being together.

On to the ceremony or this post will never end.  I was able to get a good seat, thanks to my specific directions that I gave Wes.  Just when I thought I might get a little teary eyed, I turn around to see this:
Look at him in all his adorableness!  The tie, the rolled up sleeves, and the THUMB.  Great combination.  It gets him where he needs to go and through a lot of tough situations.

After they all filed in, and he saw where we were sitting, we got this:

 I was convinced he would remain in this stance for the duration of the program.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  As soon as the first note was played, he sprung into action.  It was quite comical to see him go from stone cold serious, to this:
The song was "Peanut Butter & Jelly" and this was the part where, "you bite it, you bite it..."  This was the perfect song for him for sure.  

Funny story, we were eating dinner out on Saturday and this song came up again.  He was teaching us how it went, as he very slowly repeated each line.  Wes and I just laughed because we could just imagine that is how Ms. Marsha had initially taught it to them.  I'm sure everyone else in the restaurant enjoyed the song as well. 

From there we moved on to "Deep & Wide," "Miss Mary Mac," and "5 Little Monkeys."  I think this is from 5 Little Monkeys.

And then the part where everyone who knows me thought I'd cry.  (Remember, your thumb will get you through anything.)

But I surprised everyone, including myself, and not a single tear was shed.

All of the kids were super cute but of course I was a little partial to my handsome fella.  There was one little boy wearing a seesucker suit that came in a pretty close second.  He also happens to be the son of a local tv celebrity, Marvin Bartlett.  I'm sure his family wondered why I was taking a picture but I just had to capture that outfit.
And speaking of outfits, here's yet another reason someone knew what he was doing when he gave me boys.

Is that not the cutest outfit you've ever seen.  Broke.  I'd be broke.  

I'm so proud of my little guy for doing so well this year.  I hope he thrives again this much next year! 


  1. How cute is your little guy?? These moments are so precious. I'm heading out this afternoon to my daughter's year-end variety program. It goes by so fast!

  2. ahhhh they are so cute!!! and now I am singing deep and wide....

  3. um. super cute.

    and yes. i'm broke. don't even look in lauren's closet. it's embarrassing.

  4. 1) The group picture absolutely cracked me up. Only 1 child looked like she was really paying attention.

    2) That same little girl was actually really zoned in for all of the photos. She'll probably be the one to need therapy or medication someday.

    3) Love Colin's outfit. Kudos on the tie.

    4) Every time I go shopping for Sam I always find myself gazing longingly at all of the little girls' clothes. Seriously, they are just too cute.

    5) I'm toast with the tears thing. I teared up just reading your post.

  5. I love it!! I like how they sang as part of the graduation. What a nice way to show what they've been doing!! The shirt sleeves rolled up and the tie are too precious!

  6. Ahhh! He looks like a little man in his kakhi's and tie... so cute!

    Love that little girl's cute outfit... I agree if I'm ever blessed with another hopefully it will be a boy because I will be broke for sure if I have another girl! LOL!

  7. Those pics are just too cute! Congrats to your little man- he's a doll!

  8. Congrats to your little guy! He looks like such a big boy! And that little girl outfit is TOO cute. I'm not normally a fan of the ruffly pant, but those work! If I can go broke buying adorable things like that, so be it. Please God, let number three be a girl!

  9. He is absolutely adorable in his tie!!!