Monday, April 4, 2011

You're the next contestant

I'm not too proud to try to make money off my children.  After all, they'll be sucking it from my wallet for the next 18 years (or more), so I think it's totally justified for me to try to take advantage of their devilish good looks now.  Right?  Right. 

I saw a contest for Yum! for babies eating food and thought, "what the heck."  So I staged a little pretend eating session, minus the food.  My only prop was a spoon and Sawyer's drool.  Here's the image that made the cut.

It didn't win.  Sad.

Here are some outtakes.

Maybe I should have chosen this one instead.

Oh well, their loss!


  1. As if it didn't win?! Sawyer is adorable and that is a great shot! Boooo!

  2. Ok, that first shot is ADORABLE! I can't believe he didn't win!

    Also, I'm glad to see that you are using a Bumbo chair. I have heard a lot of people love theirs and we got one at a shower this weekend, only to hear from a few older grandmas there that their grandkids hated theirs ... I guess we'll see what works with Baby Kelly.

  3. cute pics.....the contest must've been fixed fo' sho'

  4. awh that shot is so cute! Shame on them

  5. What a great photo! They were all cute, but the one you picked was ADORABLE!

  6. LOVE that pic! It should have won :)

  7. Oh my goodness! He's a winner in my book! Great pictures.

  8. I cant believe you didnt win! Fantastic pics.