Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

I've started a diary or sorts to record the funny things the boys do and say.  I started off strong but I've learned that if I don't stop right then and write it down, I forget.  I've missed some good ones I'm sure but some are impossible to forget.  Let me introduce Exhibit A:
For those of you not privy to all things breast-milk related, these are the shields for a breast pump.  I've never been super secretive while pumping around the house because well, it's just a fact of life.  I'm providing nutrients for my child and that's not something I feel like I need to hide.  Colin watches and comments from time to time but in no way seems scarred as a result.  However, after a couple of recent conversations, I may need to clarify a few things!

I was feeling extra productive this weekend and cleaned out Colin's closet.  I found some old shields from when Colin was a baby and decided it was high time to pitch them.  Fast forward to that night when we started to read books on his floor and Colin spots the trash can.

Colin:  "Mommy!  Why did you throw your boobs away?" 
Me:  Well I couldn't say a word because I was laughing so hard!

This morning we had round 2 of the misunderstanding.  Colin was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready and started playing with the shields (he likes to use them as megaphones, thankfully not to attempt to retrieve milk from his chest!).  I told him to be careful with them and not break them.  To which he replied, "Or you'll have to get new boobs?" 

If only new boobs were that cheap!


  1. Haaaaaaaa! Love it, too adorable. :) Thanks for the smile.

  2. hahaha! hilarious. My mom will tell us the crazy things she remembers my brother and I doing as kids. I love it and my brother gets so mad. I dont know why, at 25 years old, it bothers him but it just makes my mom and I laugh harder. It will be so fun to read the diary in years to come!

  3. I love this! how freakin' cute.

  4. LOVE this! I had to remind Mike not to try anything "funny" while we were registering a few weeks ago and made sure to steer clear of that area while we were in the store. At least Colin has "being a kid" as an excuse : )