Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

In an effort to stop and smell the roses, if you will, I've decided to attempt to do a weekly Thankful Thursday post.  Honestly, I have so many things to be thankful for, taking 1 day out of the week to mention 3 things should not be that difficult. 

1.  And this is number 1 for a reason, the BEAUTIFUL weather we're enjoying in KY today!  With highs near 70, spring is in the air!  Let's hope it's here to stay.  It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for ones psyche. 

2.  The awesome steal I got yesterday on a cardigan at Talbot's Outlet.  A fellow blogger posted about this store earlier in the week and the great deals she scored from there.  I hadn't been there in nearly 12 years and although I can see where it would be hit or miss, there are a lot of great deals to be had on wear-to-work clothes.  Seriously, this cardigan retailed for $89 and I got it for a song - $13!  I might just be wearing it today.

3.  Tonight is dinner at my mom's house.  She is gracious enough to cook dinner for us one night a week and I return the favor by having her over one night as well.  I look forward to this day so much because it gives me a break from the kitchen, yet we still get to enjoy a home-cooked meal.  My grandmother always asks if tonight is the night we're going "out to eat?"  I guess technically we are going out but it's just funny to think of it that way.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for the beautiful weather too! I just love how it puts everyone in a much happier mood.

  2. We are enjoying some nice weather here today too. Glad you received the onesies!! Must send/post a pic of Sawyer wearing his. Thanks again! Stay in touch

  3. Glad you're enjoying some beautiful weather! That is so awesome that you get to see your mom twice a week! Some of my fam is moving into town this summer--I'm thankful for those plans :)

  4. HOORAY--I love that you got a steal from Talbot's Outlet! I'm also thankful for great weather and glad you got a break from the kitchen.