Friday, January 7, 2011

Super Sleuths

I'm already failing on one of my goals for 2011 and beyond.  You know, the one about not trying to do too much?  Well in typical Danielle fashion, I'm planning a bridal shower for a friend and I won't stop until every detail is perfect.  I woke up this morning at 5 to feed Sawyer and couldn't go back to sleep because my mind was racing with all the possibilities and ideas. 

After going out at lunch today to see if I could find further inspiration (no luck), I had an idea.  What a better way to canvas the world than through my blog.  Who knows which one of you might just happen to be out and about or surfing the web and come across something that would be perfect for my little soiree.  So I thought I'd post my ideas here, sort of like a brainstorming session, and see if any of you had any feedback and also to ask that you put your antennae up so that if you're out and see something that would fit into the color scheme, to let me know.

The bride is very hip, trendy, and fashionable.  She loves the color red.  I'm having the shower in mid-February so I thought I'd do something heart related.  Some of the themes I had were "Love is in the air", "Rose are red...", and "How Sweet It Is". 

For the colors, I want to do black and white damask with red accents.

I plan to make the invites and hopefully I can find some scrapbook paper that looks something like this.  I want to do the background in black, overlay with the damask, then overlay with a smaller red, and finally the words would be on white cardstock. 

For the food, I thought about doing red velvet cupcakes, cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of hearts, cranberry scones, and mimosas made with cranberry or pomegranate juice (I think they're called poinsettias).  I also thought about mini tea sandwiches and bruschetta but I have a tendency to overdo it when it comes to food!  Imagine that!  It will be around 11am, so I feel like I can keep it fairly light but I want to do more than just desserts. 

I'm not sure about games and/or favors, so I'll just take suggestions.  Have you played any games that aren't just ridiculous?  I saw a cute idea on Martha Stewart that was actually for a wedding reception but it was a 11x14 with various years going in all directions.  There was a small bowl that had push pins with flags on them and you were to write your name on the flag and then stick in the year that you met the bride and/or groom.  I thought that was cute but not too practical. 

What about wording on the invite.  I'd like to do a poem or a rhyme of some kind.  Any ideas in that department? 

Thank you in advance for even reading this far.  I know I'm asking a lot but I appreciate any assistance you can provide!


  1. I love your ideas! I just sent you an e-mail with some info as I didn't want to take up 12 pages of comment spacing : ) Keep us posted on what the final decisions are!

  2. cute ideas! Looking forward to dinner hopefully in Feb! It will be fun to get together!!

  3. We play a game at all our showers that's always a hit with the bride. Ask the groom 20 or so questions about the bride before the shower and then write down his answers. Ask the bride and all the guest how many answers they think the bride and groom will match on, then ask the bride. The guest who guesses closest to the number can win a prize. If you're feeling super ambitious (or want to ask another guest to help you out) it's fun to videotape the groom while you ask the questions.

    As for favors, my personal opinion is that food is the way to go. A cookie in a celophane bag tied up with red and black ribbon would be cute, cheap and easy. Or skip them. I never miss a favor at a shower or a wedding.

    It sounds like it's going to be a great shower!

  4. This all sounds like it will be absolutely gorgeous! Love all of your ideas and can't wait to see pictures!