Friday, January 21, 2011

Peas Porridge Hot

To continue the tradition, I wanted to give Sawyer peas as his first savory solid food.  Apparently the guidelines changed somewhere during the last 3 years because now our pediatrician advised us to start him with fruits at 4 months.  With Colin, it was rice only.  Why would that change?  I have no idea.  Nonetheless, peas it was after month 6.

It should be noted that Sawyer has not been overly joyed with any of the fruit selections I've given him thus far.  First up was prunes.  I guess it's not surprising he turned his nose up to those but when the pipes get clogged, you do what you have to do.  For inquiring minds, it didn't really work.  We still have 3 containers of prunes that stuff that will probably never be used.  Maybe I can bake with them.  I've definitely done that with sweet potatoes.

Next up was applesauce.  I decided I was going to make the baby food for him this go round.  Honestly, I didn't do it with Colin because I thought it'd be hard.  I'm not sure why that stopped me but it did.  Being more educated on nutrition and such, I decided this was a no-brainer.  My mom got me this book:
and I quickly saw just how easy making baby food could be.  Plus, I had a few friends who reassured me from their own experiences.  Back to the applesauce, I used Braeburns because we like those and that's what Wes bought at the store.  I'm not sure if they were too tart or what but Sawyer made a terrible face when he tried them.  I tried them again and again with not much improvement.  Oh no!  Do we have a picky eater?

Fast forward 2 months or so to this past weekend.  Somewhere in between there I tried bananas and he tolerated those more than the previous selections but still wasn't gung ho about them.  I set about to make the peas and it literally took all of about 10 minutes.  Easy peasy!  Sorry, that was terrible.  I should be ashamed of my kindergarten humor.  Well I do live with essentially 3 children, so please forgive me.  When I start resorting to flatulence humor, then you can reprimand me to get me back on track.

Back to the story.  Geez, I'm getting off subject a lot in this post.  I was very anxious to feed Sawyer this beautiful lime green delicacy I had slaved over.  His response?  Well see for yourself.
Hi, Daddy!  Hey what are you doing with that black thing and what is Mommy trying to shove in my mouth?

I don't know but I'll sure try it.  I love nothing more than putting random objects in my mouth!

I guess I better quit staring at Daddy and focus on what's going on here.  This is not like my favorite milky treat.

Um, I'm not so sure about this.  As a matter of fact, this is my last bite.  Try again.
Well I have tried again and I've found what seems to be the temporary solution.  I have to mix in rice cereal and some milk and that provides enough of a familiar taste to him that he eats it.  It's still not a lot and it's not very willingly but at least he doesn't make the horrible face as if I've just fed him rat poop.  And on that note, Happy Friday!


  1. He's not into the fruits or veggies?? Did you try sweet potatoes? Lauren would ONLY eat baby food if it was mixed with sweet potatoes or applesauce. And even then she wasn't keen on it. She only really liked stuff she could feed herself. I guess it worked okay though b/c she's a great eater now!

  2. You mean there's something wrong with flatulence humor? it rude?

  3. hey, danielle! i've been out of the loop lately...staying busy, but the main thing - my computer has been acting up. hopefully i can get a new one this weekend

    we made baby food for ella too. the sweet potatoes were her fave. she's never been a fan of the peas:)

  4. your comment today made me laugh! :) I'm catching up on your old posts...I made all my baby food for baby #2 and I too was surprised how easy it was and how much I could make. Oddly, I found that the more herbs I added the better Charlie ate. Things like fresh mint with pureed green beans. I used this cookbook: for ideas. By 9-10 months though he was eating whatever we ate.